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Former Governer John Waihe’e and myself at the Hale’iwa Sea Spree.
He was the very first “Hawaiian” Governer for the state of Hawai’i.


                                              WHAT'S IN A NAME?
Who are "US" and what is  "US HAWAIIANS"?
"US HAWAIIANS" is not racial, political,
militant .............. or even about ethnicity.

It's more... a feeling;
It's the special way the sun
shines on our little corner of
the planet, despite whatever
else is going on in the rest
of the world.

"US HAWAIIANS" is the ocean that encompasses our lifestyle. It's what makes us proud when calling this paradise home. It is a simple thing that deters us from littering, yet can magically cause smiles from strangers to turn instantly into "good fun" laughter.

"As HAWAIIANS," we are humbled in the cost-free fragrance of Hawaii's flowers, and grow with intense pride in our desire to leave nature as we found her, as she restores, renews, and recreates in
         (essence of love)
            ALOHA AINA
            (love the land)
        "US HAWAIIANS"
       (WE THE PEOPLE...)
                                                                       UA   MAU   KE   EA   O   KA   AINA   I   KAPONO
                                                                                                                  ( Me and  All “ Us guys”)


          About the Artist

Daniel Ward is a local artist who began painting in 1994.  Before this his background consisted of nearly 30 years in the graphic and reproductive arts.  He did darkroom camera-work, photo-reproductive platemaking and (silk) screen making, operated multi-lith offset presses as well as a carousel screen press and employed various types of electrostatic and laser copiers in heat applied T-shirt imprinting.

In 1982, after a one-hundred foot fall off of a cliff during a search and rescue effort, Dan began a new life as a quadriplegic in a wheelchair.

Daniel thinks:
"Creating art from scratch and imagination with a brush and some paints is very different,  than having  the photo ability and other graphic reproductive aids and equipment..... just like getting along in life without the  ability to walk- and move around freely."

"I'm just a student of life..... and art, doing what I can with what I have..........and thanking GOD daily.”

“If there is an underlying aspect to my art whether conscious or unconscious....... It is to compel the viewer to see for themselves the beauty of this place that I am so fortunate to call home.”

                                                    Haleiwa Sea Spree 2001

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