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     Oil on Canvas 26x30
Footprints at Lumahai Beach

In 1982 during a search and rescue
effort for a reported drowning victim,
Dan Ward was recruited as a volunteer
fireman and fell from the third lookout at
Lumahai Beach in Kauai.

Dan laid there at the base of a 75 foot cliff for 5 and a half hours before he himself was rescued.
The first of many miracles occurred when he survived the fall at all,  and landed in a small patch of sand, face first.

Dan says:
"This painting "Footprints on Lumahai Beach" depicted here with JESUS standing next to
the remnants of a fire, at the base of the cliff afforded me a tremondous amount of healing. Everything that GOD pulled me through, ended up on that canvas.

Even though I've lived as a crippled person in a wheelchair now for 20 years, I'm stronger
wiser and much more at peace.  Go figure."

On November 1st 1999, seventeen years after my life changing fall, I went on a camping trip. 
In a converted motorhome  I spent the next 3 months living on a deserted beach in site of
Kaena point on the island of Oahu.I invested several years of my life preparing for this adventure and to an able bodied person this may seem to be a small accomplishment.  But for me, who simply loves the outdoors,the challenge was to live independently amidst the harsh elements while taking in
the incredible beauty of nature, in solitude.












Holy Smoke                  Oil on Canvas 20x30

This painting reminds me of how much I lost in terms of my physical being. But as I write this 20 years "after the fall", I cannot help but to rejoice and praise the LORD for how  much more I can appreciate now because of a bad experience.  I "suffer" daily with pains and problems that do not go away, but with GOD's help I do not always have to be "miserable" about it.  This grace of GOD is why I have a sense of humor...still.


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